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The establishment/ Ilaco of ILACO has started in 1955, with the activities of the Dutch mother company Heidemij. The active subsidiary company in Suriname, Lareco (1958), and later also ILACO BV (1966), have carried out numerous large projects in the agriculture, rural development and infrastructure. These Dutch subsidiary companies have been stopped exist and since 1966 the Surinamese component of ILACO BV has been converted into ILACO Suriname N.V. which continued and expanded the activities of the parent company.

Some major projects that in the past have been realized by ILACO Suriname N.V.:

  • Middle rice polder Nickerie
  • Southern East- West Connection ( Road and bridge constructions)
  • Multipurpose Corantijn Project ( Infrastructure canals and road constructions)
  • Drainage Lelydorp III Mine Billiton
  • Supervision of construction Public houses Project Sunny Point